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        Curtain wall sealing strip

        Product Description

        Temperature range

        -40°C to +120°C


        EPDM / NBR / Silicone / PVC, etc


        as required



        Tensile Broken Rate



        red, black, blue, grey, yellow, etc


        extrusion & mould pressing


        ISO9001:2000;  ISO/TS16949:2002


        ecofriendly, non-toxic, safe, high temperature resistant, non-sticky,

        anti-aging, excellent insulating property, etc.   

        Payment term

        T/T 30% in advance, 70% balance before loading

        Loading Port


        Delivery time

        About 2 weeks (based on your confirmed products)


        2000 meters


        Door & Window Rubber sealing

        Rubber seal strip is mainly made from EPDM rubber compound by foam and dense, with special metal tools and ligulate buckle inside it, through extrusion process, and vulcanization process,so the rubber extrusions is durable and convenient to install.With EPDM inherent high performance, EPDM rubber seal strip are widely used in automobile, electrical appliances, building vibration isolation, curtainwall,automotive, machinery, bathroom facilities, etc.

        Auto seal strip

        Storm force gales and driving rain don't stand a chance of penetration when you are using a quality product supplied by us,weather for a motor vehicle, a pleasure craft or an ocean going vessel the result is the same.
        Vehicle/motor/auto/motorcycle/car/ship/train rubber seal strip

        1.Vehicle door weatherstrips are affixed in the door opening via the frame or clips,and serve to protect the vehicle cabin from the elements.They also absorb impact when the doors is opened and closed and prevent door backlash and rattle.
        2.Luggage weatherstrips are rubber products affixed to the body side of the truck,protecting the truck interior from elements.

        3.Car opening trim weatherstrips are rubber sealing strips which serve to protect the vehicle cabin from rain,wind and noise.

        4.Car sliding window channels are composed mainly of EPDM and TPO,serving to protect the glass and ensure the smooth operation of windows.

            Curtain wall sealing strip (pad) for glass facades of large buildings, the product does not interfere with the overall appearance of the building under the premise of enhancing the building's windproof, waterproof, anti-collision, noise and other performance and stability of the exterior glass structure, enhanced security performance of buildings, walls silicone seal doors and windows imported silicone material, silicone rubber with high temperature, anti-cold, anti-aging, anti-UV, corrosion resistance, etc., at -50 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ the same type, still maintaining good elasticity and tensile strength, due to the general long-term large-scale buildings are bare leak in the atmosphere, long-term wind and sun and ultraviolet radiation, if instead of silicone rubber with the general, and that its life will be reduced by 7 to 9 years , curtain wall silicone seal indicators meet the state standards.