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        Expansion joint sealing strips

        Product Details

        Professional Rubber Extrusion Expansion Joints Standard Dustproof 



        Quick Detail:


        Rubber Expansion Joints

        Rich experience
        Excellent engineers
        High quality rubber expansion joints

        Competitive price
        Prompt delivery and best services





        1. ISO 9001:2000 certificate, with many years experience

        2. High qualified material, low MOQ, excellent quality, competitive prices,

        And professional advice

        3. Standard and non standard are all acceptable

        4. Independent R&D team .

        5. Strict quality control management

        6. Exquisite technological standard

        7. Sufficient stock

        8. Excellent after sales service


        Features of Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint:
        As one of the company’s main series of products, our rubber expansion joint stand most competitive position in the domestic & abroad markets of same industry by its convenient installation, stable running, waterproof, dustproof, little noise, light weight, and low cost and other features.





        Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used in Highway bridge decks, Service ramps,  car parks and so on. Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used to prevent buildings or bridges appear some cracks because of climate change.

        Railcars, automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door& window, construction machinery, bridge construction and tunnel. Etc.