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        Container Seals

         As a professional van container seals manufacturer, our company has developed a van for a variety of container seals, nice product, easy installation, good sealing performance, long life, it is to improve the quality of new truck products, Over the years has been exported to Europe and America, Eastern Europe, Japan and other international markets, the full range, quality assurance, courteous service, welcomed the purchase.

        1. The product is a modified PVC plastic high rebound after mixing, granulation, software and hard strip extrusion molding process is made so soft and hard sealing strip does not produce detachment phenomenon.
        2. Because it is different from the traditional rubber seal, therefore deposits conveniently, installs quick and easy, reducing labor intensity, speed up the progress of the project, can reduce construction costs.
        3. The product appearance, the use of box-type vehicles to improve product quality and make it more competitive on the market.