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        Neoprene Seals

        Key Specifications/Special Features:

        • PVC extrusion profile includes rigid PVC extrusion profile, flexible PVC extrusion profile and co-extrusion PVC profile
        • PVC in different application, also named extruded PVC fender, PVC flat strips, PVC extrusion of angle and L shapes, windows PVC extrusion, rigid glazing beads, rigid U-shape, PVC clip-on channels and PVC protective coverings
        • TS16949/ISO 2000-certified
        • Available in a wide range of grades and colors
        • Made of PVC extruded material
        • Temperature tolerance: -40 to 60°C
        • Features:

          Easy to install

          Reduced and the cost, decorating door, window and more

        • Excellent fire and heat resistance
        • Applications: construction/building industry, furniture edgings and marine industry
        • Packing: standard export
              Primary Competitive Advantages:
        • Country of Origin :china
        • Green Product
        • Packaging :based on your demands 
        • Price :according to your products
        • Product Features :oil resistant,heat resistant,ozone resistant,fireproofing,alkali resistant
        • Quality Approvals::SGS,ISO 9001 16949
        • Reputation
        • Service :rubber@guangtesealingstrip.com
        • Small Orders Accepted